Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DragonBound Forums Opened ! :)

Official DragonBound Forums Opened At:

In the DragonBound Forums you can find new graphic themes, custom maps, fan art, avatars, events information, news, announcements, public support, private support, screenshots, graphics, tutorials, and anything else related to DragonBound game.

You can ask to receive official DragonBound news by email:

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today's Update

Today's update was for fixing issues.

1. Fixed the fake online friends bug.
The bug started at the previous update 11 days ago and caused you sometimes to see a friend online but actually he was offline.

2. Fixed no winning bonus when your enemy suicide when you almost killed him on auto-match servers.
(This was not a bug, but a way to stop boosting. However, since we got many complains about that, and it is not possible to boost on auto-match servers anyway. I decided to remove this "feature" from the auto-match servers)

All servers were reset and 1 hour 200% GP & Gold event started.

What's coming soon?

Official DragonBound Forums are going to be open very and will be the main place where you can get and share information related to DragonBound. The GM team are setting them up right now.

New mobiles and game features will be added very soon. I hope you will like them :)

 - DN

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Mobile Select Screen

Released Today:
 - New Mobile Select Screen.
 - Some new mobile graphics.

Now we can start adding more and more mobiles and it will be easy to select them ;)

New mobiles with new abilities that you never saw before are coming soon !!!

If you have ideas for new mobile abilities please post a comment here

Sunday, August 11, 2013

150% GP & Gold Event for 24 Hours

150% GP & Gold Event for 24 Hours On All Servers!

Starts at Aug.11 - 8:00 AM (Peru Time)

Happy DragonBounding !

 - DN

New Auto-Match Fast Games Servers: Bunge / Aduka / Guilds

Hi DragonBound Community!
Today we released 3 servers, like the others "Auto-Match Servers" there's no the classic lobby with rooms in there. Just press "Start 1v1 Game" or "Create Team/Join Team" and the server will automatically match and start a game with other players who are also ready to play.
No need to wait long time for game starts anymore!
No need to play only against high levels!
No need to fight over low numbered room anymore!
Have fun with fast and fair games, alone or with your friends :)

Server 6 - Auto-Match Bunge Games!
 - Wind 50
 - Avatar On
 - Any Mobile
 - Map: Lion Jungle / Adium Root
 - No Teleport
 - Single Player (1v1) + Teams (2v2, 3v3, 4v4)

Server 9 - Auto-Match Aduka Games!
 - Wind 50
 - Avatar Off
 - Mobile: Aduka
 - Map: Mayan / Meta Mine
 - No Shot1, No teleport
 - 4v4 Teams Only

Server 12 - Auto-Match Guilds Games!
- Wind: 26
- Avatar: On
- Any Mobile
- Random Map
- 4v4 Guild vs Guild Only

Please comment and let us know what you think about this new update.

Have Fun!
 - DN & The GMs Team

Friday, August 9, 2013

Using Skype? Hide Your IP Address!

Hide your IP address from the public to avoid getting disconnected from the internet (and losing your room) by DDOS attacks.


Please upgrade to the latest Skype 6.5 (or newer versions) for Windows or Mac from: 

  • Open the Skype options (Windows: last entry in the "Tools" menu - Mac: "Preferences" from the "Skype" menu)
  • Open the "Advanced" options and the "Connection" sub-section there
  • Enable the new "Allow direct connections to contacts only." option. See below: